PRG 420 Week 2 Java 2.20 LAB Interstate Highway Numbers

Primary U.S. interstate highways are numbered 1-99. Odd numbers (like the 5 or 95) go north/south, and evens (like the 10 or 90) go east/west Auxiliary highways are numbered 100-999, and service the primary highway indicated by the rightmost two digits. Thus, I-405 services I-5, and I-290 services I-90.
Given a highway number, indicate whether it is a primary or auxiliary highway. If auxiliary, indicate what primary highway it serves. Also indicate if the (primary) highway runs north/south or east/west.

Ex: If the input is:
the output is:
I-90 is primary, going east/west.
Ex: If the input is:
the output is:
I-290 is auxiliary, serving I-90, going east/west.
Ex: If the input is:
or any number not between 1 and 999, the output is:
0 is not a valid interstate highway number.

See Wikipedia for more info on highway numbering.

The solution includes Java source code and screenshots.

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    xxxxxx xxxx.xxxx.*;
    xxxxxx xxxxx xxx_2_20 {
    xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxx(xxxxxx[] xxxx) {
    //Create an object of Scanner class. Scanner object = new Scanner(; //Prompt the user to enter the highway number. ex 90 int num = object.nextInt(); if (num < 1 || num > 999) { + " xx xxx x xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx.");
    } xxxx xx (xxx < 100) {
    xx (xxx % 2 == 0) {"x-" + xxx + " xx xxxxxxx, xxxxx xxxx/xxxx.");
    } xxxx {"x-" + xxx + " xx xxxxxxx, xxxxx xxxxx/xxxxx.");

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