CIS407A Week 6 iLab Login and Security Levels

iLAB OVERVIEW Scenario/Summary In this week’s lab, we will create a login form, validate a user based on their login name and password, and allow them to access the system or not. We will assign a session variable to determine… Read More

WEB375 Lab 6 Configure a MySQL Server in Linux

The purpose of this lab is to configure MySQL server in Linux. Use the IP addresses that exist when you start Linux. Virtual Machine Login Information for PLABFED01 and PLABFED02 Username: Student Password: Password Username: root Password: Password Lab Diagram… Read More

CSIS 208 Programming Assignment 6

Go and Tell Missions You have been asked to provide a program to the Go and Tell Missions Company, which will store a list of their current missionaries. The information they have is stored in a text file. Each record… Read More

SEC370 Lab 3 You Decide Activity

Review the Public Key Infrastructure, Hashing and Digital Signatures, Cryptography: Public Key Encryption, and Cryptology tutorials in the lecture. Go to, and generate a report for your PC. Go to, and decrypt the following. 5f4dcc3b5aa765d61d8327deb882cf99—MD5 200ceb26807d6bf99fd6f4f0d1ca54d4—MD5 391d878fd5822858f49ddc3e891ad4b9—NTLM a2345375a47a92754e2505132aca194b—NTLM… Read More