DBM405A Lab 7 Reports in C# Programming Language for Upcoming Schedules and Team Rosters


  1. Understand how to write a report.


  1. EDUPE Omnymbus Environment (https://devry.edupe.net:8300); and/or
  2. MySQL (dev.mysql.com/downloads).

By now you have set up either the Omnymbus environment or the MySQL Server Community environment, or both. You may do the labs in this class on your own computer equipped with MySQL or you may use the MySQL environment hosted by the vendor Omnymbus. You may even use both.
Lab Procedure Continued (common to both environments)

  1. Using a programming language, create two reports based on the Baseball database.
    1. Create a report to print the upcoming schedule.
    2. Create a report to show the team rosters.

The solution includes a zip document.

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  • Preview DBM405A_Week7_Script.sql
    xxx xxxxxxxx;
    -- 1.
    xxxxxx xxxxxx(xxx.xxxxx, ' xx ' , xxx.xxxxx) xx 'xxxxx', xxx.xxxxx xx 'xxxxxxxx' , xxxxxxxx xx 'xxxxx xxxx'
    xxxx xxxxxx x
    xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxx xx x.xxxxxxxx = xxx.xxxxxxxx
    INNER JOIN Teams awt ON s.AwayTeam = awt.TeamCode WHERE PlayDate > CURDATE(); -- 2. SELECT CONCAT(FirstName, ' ,',MidInint,', ', LastName) AS Player, t.TName as Team FROM Players p
    xxxx xxxxxxx x
    xxxxx xxxx xxxxx x xx x.xxxx = x.xxxxxxxx;

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