Programming Logic and Design 8th Chapter 7 Exercise 2

Boardman College maintains two files—one for Sociology majors and another for Anthropology majors. Each file contains students’ ID numbers, last names, first names, and grade point averages. Each file is in student ID number order. The college is merging the… Read More

Programming Logic and Design 8th Chapter 7 Exercise 1

The Vernon Hills Mail-Order Company often sends multiple packages per order. For each customer order, output enough mailing labels to use on each of the boxes that will be mailed. The mailing labels contain the customer’s complete name and address,… Read More

Visual Logic and Design Random Flags Program

Write a visual logic program that uses a flag procedure to draw 10 flags at random locations. Every time you run the program, the flags should show up at different locations on the screen. Therefore, the position of your 10… Read More