SEC370 Lab 6 Authentication Methods

In this exercise, you will see two different authentication methods in action by forcing the user to log on to access a web server. Please refer to your course material or use your preferred search engine to research this topic… Read More

SEC370 Lab 5 Policy Paper

Review the Network Attacks tutorial in the lecture. Submit a three- to five-page (800–1,200-word) security policy write-up for the antivirus, spyware, and adware policies for a medium-sized organization. Be sure to suggest security tools, and set up a schedule for… Read More

SEC370 Lab 4 Disabling Unnecessary Services

Exercise 1 – Disabling Unnecessary Services In this exercise, you will disable unnecessary services for laptops that are taken by users outside of the corporate network. It is essential that unneeded network services are turned off to minimize the number… Read More

SEC370 Lab 3 You Decide Activity

Review the Public Key Infrastructure, Hashing and Digital Signatures, Cryptography: Public Key Encryption, and Cryptology tutorials in the lecture. Go to, and generate a report for your PC. Go to, and decrypt the following. 5f4dcc3b5aa765d61d8327deb882cf99—MD5 200ceb26807d6bf99fd6f4f0d1ca54d4—MD5 391d878fd5822858f49ddc3e891ad4b9—NTLM a2345375a47a92754e2505132aca194b—NTLM… Read More

SEC370 Lab 2 Create Firewall Rules

In this exercise, you will configure Inbound and Outbound Windows Firewall rules. Please refer to your course material or use your favourite search engine to research for more information about this topic. Task 1: Enable Firewall and Verify Inbound Rules… Read More

SEC370 Lab 1 You Decide

Perform reconnaissance on a target company of your choice using Google, their website, Whois, and nslookup to find out where the company is; who works there; what IP addresses comprise its network; what its mailserver IP is; what its URL… Read More