PRG 420 Week 2 Java 2.18 LAB Warm up

(1) If a user’s input string matches a known text message abbreviation, output the unabbreviated form, else output: Unknown. Support two abbreviations: LOL — laughing out loud, and IDK — I don’t know. (4 pts) Sample input/output:Input an abbreviation:LOLlaughing out… Read More

PRG 420 Week 1 Java 1.31 LAB Phone number Breakdown

Given a long integer representing a 10-digit phone number, output the area code, prefix, and line number using the format (800) 555-1212. Ex: If the input is:8005551212the output is:(800) 555-1212 Hint: Use % to get the desired rightmost digits. Ex:… Read More

PRG 420 Week 1 Java 1.30 LAB Mad Lib

Mad Libs are activities that have a person provide various words, which are then used to complete a short story in unexpected (and hopefully funny) ways.Complete the program to read the needed values from input, that the existing output statement(s)… Read More

TicketsRUs needs an application to calculate ticket prices

TicketsRUs needs an application to calculate ticket prices. There are three ticket prices: Orchestra     $85 each Mezzanine    $70 each Balcony       $45 each There is also a 15% discount on matinee performances. Your application has the GUI shown below. With the… Read More

Inheritance and Exception Handling

GoBank has been asked to go back and reprocess the loan payments for a car loan of $18,875. The car loan is a 0% interest loan. The loan is for 60 months. The customer does not believe the bank has… Read More

Tsubo Conversion Program

Tsubo is a Japanese unit of measure for area. 1 Tsubo is equal to 35.58 square feet. Write a program that asks the user if they want to convert from Tsubo to square feet or from square feet to Tsubo…. Read More