CSIS 310 Mindtap Star Dust Stories

Star Dust Stories | Dr. Andrew Weiss of Thomas & Lee College maintains an astronomy page called Star Dust Stories. One of the tools of the amateur stargazer is a planisphere, which is a handheld device composed of two flat disks: one… Read More

CSIS 310 Mindtap Voter Web

VoterWeb Pam Carls is a manager for the website Voter Web, which compiles voting totals and statistics from local and national elections. Pam has the results of recent congressional elections from eight districts in Minnesota stored as multidimensional arrays in a… Read More

CSIS 310 Mindtap  Slate & Pencil Tutoring

Karen Cooke manages the website for Slate & Pencil Tutoring, an online tutoring service for high school and college students. Karen is overseeing the redesign of the website and has hired you to work on the layout of the site’s… Read More