CSIS 212 Final Project

Assignment 1 (40 points) Write an application containing three parallel arrays that hold 10 elements each.  The first array hold four-digit student ID numbers, the second array holds first names, and the third array holds the students’ grade point averages. … Read More

CSIS 212 Entire Course

CSIS212 OBJECT-ORIENTED PROGRAMMING CSIS 212 entire course includes: CSIS 212 Programming Assignment 1 Create Five Programs CSIS 212 Programming Assignment 2 Salary Calculator CSIS 212 Programming Assignment 3 Bar Chart Printing Program CSIS 212 Programming Assignment 4 Multiples Circle Area… Read More

CSIS 212 Programming Assignment 8 Payroll Modification

Exercise 9.5 JHTP: Draw an inheritance hierarchy for students at a university similar to the hierarchy shown in Fig 9.2. Use Student as the superclass of the hierarchy, then, extend Student with classes Undergraduate Student and Graduate Student. Continue to… Read More

CSIS 212 Programming Assignment 7 Rectangle Class

Exercise 8.4 JHTP (Rectangle Class): Create a class Rectangle with attributes length and width, each of which defaults to 1. Provide methods that calculate the rectangle’s perimeter and area. Use set and get methods for both length and width. The… Read More

CSIS 212 Programming Assignment 6 Date Class

Exercise 7.13 JHTP (Date Class): Create a class called Date that includes 3 instance variables—a month (type int), a day (type int), and a year (type int). Provide a constructor that initializes the 3 instance variables and assumes the values… Read More