CSIS 208 Final Exam

QUESTION 1 In the following statement which term is used to designate the distance (in pixels) from the left side of the picture box to the left side of the rectangle? h w y x QUESTION 2 What numbers will… Read More

CSIS 208 Course Project

Final Class Project Grading System: You are currently taking a course at Liberty University and you notice your professor has been keeping track of grades manually. To help alleviate any issues he is having you decide to create a Visual… Read More

CSIS 208 Programming Assignment 8

Write a Visual Basic program to implement the cash register in the diagram below. The program should have a class called CashRegister that keeps track of the balance and allows deposits and withdrawals. The class should not permit a negative… Read More

CSIS 208 Programming Assignment 7

The database Microland.accdb is maintained by the Microland Computer Warehouse, a mail-order computer-supply company. The illustrations below show data in the Customers table and the Orders Table in the database. The table identifies each customer by an ID number and… Read More

CSIS 208 Programming Assignment 6

Go and Tell Missions You have been asked to provide a program to the Go and Tell Missions Company, which will store a list of their current missionaries. The information they have is stored in a text file. Each record… Read More

CSIS 208 Programming Assignment 5

In this assignment, you are to design an application, which will manage a listing of missionaries on staff at the Organization Go and Tell. The company has several specifications for this application. This application must be able to display two… Read More

CSIS 208 Programming Assignment 4

A dry cleaning service is in the need of a invoice order form. They currently would like to have an ordering system to reflect the three main items they dry clean (comforters, shirts, and pants). The cost of drycleaning the… Read More

CSIS 208 Programming Assignment 3

Mark 16:15 He said to them, “ Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation” It is very important to share the Word with others. One of the ways to do this is through mission… Read More