COMP 220 Week 7 Lab Polymorphism

This lab introduces students to the concepts of polymorphism, early binding, late binding, abstract classes, and virtual class functions. This will be done in the context of performing calculations on basic geometrical shapes. Polymorphism is a very powerful extension of… Read More

COMP 220 Week 6 Lab Overloaded Operators

This lab is to introduce students to the concept of operator overloading as member functions of a class. This will be done in the context of creating a class that will perform four basic mathematical operations on complex numbers. The… Read More

COMP 220 Week 5 Lab Pointers and Pointer Operations

This lab will explore the use of pointers in several ways. Pointers will be used to dynamically allocate memory for new class objects on demand from the user, and they will be used to access class-member functions. Pointer arithmetic will… Read More

COMP 220 Week 4 Lab Composition

This lab requires you to use C++ class composition to implement a single pole-filter design program. The program will allow the user to specify resistor and capacitor values and filter type. Once all the user parameters are specified, the program… Read More

COMP 220 Week 3 Lab Inheritance

This lab introduces you to writing a C++ program to implement the concept of class inheritance using different types of bank accounts as a model. In this lab, you will create a base class, called CBankAccount, and two additional classes… Read More

COMP 220 Week 2 Lab Classes Objects and Encapsulation

This lab requires you to create a multifile C++ project in order to design and implement an object-oriented program using a class to model the characteristics and function of a resistor. Deliverables Submit a single Notepad file containing the source… Read More

COMP 220 Week 1 Lab Two-Dimensional Arrays

This lab requires you to design and implement a C++ program to simulate a game of Blackjack between two to four players. Your program must incorporate a two-dimensional array to represent the suit and the value of each card dealt… Read More