CMIS 141 Final Project Employee Salary

Write a Java program which displays a menu to allow user the following functionality: Load employees’ data – prompts user for the number of employees to be loaded and then prompts for each employee name, id (5 digit number), and… Read More

CMIS 141 Assignment 6 Highest and Lowest Score

Write a Java program as follows:  1. Prompt user for the number of students 2. For each student have user enter student’s name and exam score (0-100) 3. Store names and scores in separate arrays 4. Code method which gets integer array… Read More

CMIS 141 Assignment 5 Body Mass Index

Write a Java program as follows: (1) Prompt the user which action they want to take: (a) Convert pounds into kilograms (b) Convert height in inches to centimeters (c) Calculate BMI display category (d) Exit program (2) Programs at a… Read More

CMIS 141 Assignment 3 Calculate Student Grade

Write a Java program to calculate student’s final course grade. The program should: (1) Prompt and read user’s input for the student’s name, assignment 1 grade (A1), assignment 2 grade (A2), ex@m grade (EX), and participation grade (P). User Scanner to read… Read More

CMIS 141 Assignment 1 Student GPA

Write a Java program which: Prompts a user to enter student id, current class grade in GPA format (e.g. 3.5), current class number of credits, overall GPA, and overall number of credits (use Scanner for input). Calculates student’s new overall… Read More

CMIS 141 Final Project

Design a Java application that will read a file containing data related to the US. Crime statistics from 1994-2013. The description of the file is shown below. The application should provide statistical results on the data including: Population growth in… Read More