CIS247A Week 7 iLab Putting It All Together

Scenario and Summary This week, you will be implementing inheritance by creating a generic Racer base class along with two derived classes called StreetTuner and HotRod. You will make the Racer class abstract and include the abstract method IsDead() in… Read More

CIS247A Week 6 iLab Abstract Classes

Scenario and Summary The objective of the lab is to take the UML Class diagram and enhance last week’s Employee class by making the following changes: Convert the Employee class to an abstract class Add an abstract method called CalculateNetPay… Read More

CIS247A Week 4 iLab Composition and Class Interfaces

Scenario and Summary The objective of the lab is to modify the Employee class to demonstrate composition where a containing class (Employee) contains another class (Benefit). An employee typically has benefits, so we will make the following changes: Create a… Read More

CIS247A Week 1 iLab Creating a User Interface

Scenario and Summary This program creates the basic user interface code that can be used, in the following week’s iLab assignments. The assignment will help you get started using the programming environment and some practice with coding. You will also… Read More