CIS247A Week 6 iLab Abstract Classes

Scenario and Summary The objective of the lab is to take the UML Class diagram and enhance last week’s Employee class by making the following changes: Convert the Employee class to an abstract class Add an abstract method called CalculateNetPay… Read More

CSIS 212 Entire Course

CSIS212 OBJECT-ORIENTED PROGRAMMING CSIS 212 entire course includes: CSIS 212 Programming Assignment 1 Create Five Programs CSIS 212 Programming Assignment 2 Salary Calculator CSIS 212 Programming Assignment 3 Bar Chart Printing Program CSIS 212 Programming Assignment 4 Multiples Circle Area… Read More

CIS355A Final Exam Essay Questions

1. (TCOs 1–6) TicketsRUs needs an application to calculate ticket prices. There are three ticket prices: Orchestra $85 each Mezzanine $70 each Balcony $45 each There is also a 15% discount on matinee performances. Your application has the GUI shown… Read More

WEB375 Lab 4 Configure a vsftp Server in Linux

The purpose of this Lab is to configure the vsftp server in Linux. Use the IP addresses that exist when you start Linux. Virtual Machine Login Information for PLABFED01 and PLABFED02 Username: Student Password: Password Username: root Password: Password Lab… Read More

CMIS 102 Assignment 5 Secure Password

The fifth assignment involves writing a Python program to determine whether a password meets all the requirements for a secure password. Your program should prompt the user for the candidate password and output either that the password is valid or… Read More

CSIS 310 Mindtap Voter Web

VoterWeb Pam Carls is a manager for the website Voter Web, which compiles voting totals and statistics from local and national elections. Pam has the results of recent congressional elections from eight districts in Minnesota stored as multidimensional arrays in a… Read More